Speed in service. Trust & perseverance.

Since its inception in 1958, KALCO Steel has relentlessly aimed to combine reliability with high quality and proficiency. Far from being a mere quality steel provider, KALCO proved itself to be a pioneer in the steel industry through its diverse and innovative services, thus contributing to the market development and taking the steel industry to a higher level. With its eyes set on expanding into international markets, KALCO Steel is constantly chasing every new technology and opportunity around the world.

Who are we?

Mr. George Keyork Kalloghlian and Mr. George Iskandar Kalloghlian jointly founded GEORGE KALLOGHLIAN & CO. from humble beginnings starting with a warehouse spread over an area of 1.000 sqm in 1958. Over fifty six years of continuous growth spurred by quality and speed in service as well as trust and perseverance, and throughout the years, Mr. Raffi George Kalloghlian, owner and chairman, continuously mastered at establishing KALCO steel s.a.l., which is a private and Lebanese business, to become a leader in the supply of quality steel products in the local and regional market.

RGK STEEL and KALCO STEEL are sister companies that have been successfully retaining customer satisfaction and loyalty by believing and nurturing the concept that " All Lasting Business is built on Endured Friendship".


Established in 1958 by George Kalloghlian Company and currently managed by Mr. Raffi George Kalloghlian; owner and Chairman of RGK Steel which strives to be the best in its field by supplying a wide array of mild steel, metals, special steel, and foundry materials. Our primary goal is to provide the best service level to our esteemed clients and to effectively meet their individual expectations to foster mutual and continuous growth. RGK Steel and KALCO Steel are sister companies that have been successfully retaining customer satisfaction and loyalty by believing and nurturing the concept that "All Lasting Business is Built on Endured Friendship".

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Our goals

  • Expand our leadership into other continents
  • Provide professionalism combined with consistent quality service, individually and collectively
  • Build relationships of trust and perseverance

What we do

We provide a wide variety of steel. From cut-to-length line to coil slitting, roll bending, bending and cutting, high definition plasma, bandsaw, corrugated sheets, dish ends and more.

Our team

Our team has worked together for over a decade. Only by bonding as a single force makes us remain strong and unconquerable. With teamwork any little contribution made yields greater output.

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Lebanon, Roumieh - Industrial Zone


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