We do everything with our core values of experience, hard work, and trust.

Our team believes these characteristics should influence everything we do in business and in life.

As we are in constant search for perfection and excellence, we always select our team members to be top-notch in their field of expertise.

Each and every member of our staff believes that it is hard work and dedication that pave the way to brilliance and superiority. Individual work is highly appreciated as we give our employees the chance to create and innovate in an attempt to come up with first-hand ideas and suggestions. Nevertheless, besides the creativity of individual performance, group work is of paramount importance to ensure perfection and reliability. KALCO Steel holds group meetings on weekly basis to brainstorm, assess, and make decisions that depend on the feedback given by all staff members. Each with his solid background and firm experience takes part in shaping the future of the company. Moreover, our group is well reputed for handling and finalizing creative projects that are exceedingly recognized all over Lebanon and the Arab world.