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Starting in 1958, KALCO Steel has been a pioneer in the steel industry, anchored by a commitment to quality, speed, trust, and perseverance. Our founders, Mr. George Keyork Kalloghlian and Mr. George Iskandar Kalloghlian, began with a humble warehouse, growing the firm into a leader in the supply of top-tier steel products in the local and regional market.

In an exciting new development, we've merged with our sister company, RGK Steel, to continue our journey under the prestigious KALCO Steel name. This merger combines the best of both companies, reinforcing our dedication to offering superior services and unmatched value.

Our chairman, Mr. Raffi George Kalloghlian, is instrumental in our successful expansion into the international steel industry. We continue to stay ahead of the curve by embracing innovative technologies and opportunities, always striving to elevate the steel industry.

At the heart of KALCO Steel is our philosophy that enduring business is built on lasting friendships. This belief shapes our commitment to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and strong partnerships. As we enter this new chapter, we look forward to strengthening these relationships.

Together as KALCO Steel, we're poised to shape the future of steel with our industry leadership, innovative technology, and unwavering commitment to our customers and communities. Join us on this exciting journey.

OUR Mission

At KALCO Steel, our mission is to innovate and lead in the global steel industry by providing superior quality steel products and exceptional services. Driven by our commitment to integrity, trust, and enduring relationships, we continuously pursue advancements in technology to foster sustainable growth and add value to our customers, employees, and communities. Our resolve is to uphold the highest standards in every aspect of our operations, ensuring customer satisfaction and strengthening our legacy of excellence.

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