Roll Bending & Slitting

Roll bending and slitting are two important services offered in the steel industry.

Roll bending is a process that involves using specialized equipment to shape steel or metal plates into curved or cylindrical forms. It is commonly used to create components such as pipes, tubes, cylinders, and structural shapes. Roll bending allows for precise and uniform bending, resulting in smooth and consistent curves or shapes.

Slitting, on the other hand, is a process that involves cutting wide steel coils into narrower strips or slits. It is done with the help of slitting machines that make precise cuts along the length of the coil. Slitting allows for customized strip widths, which are often used in various applications, such as fabrication, manufacturing, and construction.

At KALCO Steel, we provide professional roll bending and slitting services. Our advanced machinery and skilled technicians ensure accurate and efficient roll bending for your specific requirements, as well as precise and consistent slitting to deliver the desired strip sizes for your projects.

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