Rectangular Tubes

Rectangular tubes are hollow steel profiles with a rectangular shape. They are commonly used in construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing applications due to their versatility and structural strength. Rectangular tubes provide stability, resistance to bending, and efficient load-bearing capabilities. At KALCO Steel, we offer high-quality rectangular tubes that are precisely crafted to meet your project specifications and deliver exceptional performance.

KALCO Steel provides rectangular tubes ranging from 20x10mm to 400x200mm. Available in hot rolled, cold rolled, hot dip galvanized.


  • Diameters: 20x10mm to 400x200mm
  • Thicknesses:1mm to 12mm
  • Lengths: 6 & 12m
  • Hot Rolled Quality:S235JR (or ST37) , S275JR (or ST44) and S355JR (or ST52)
  • Cold Rolled Quality:ST12 or DC01
  • Galvanized tube coating:G45, G60 and G90
  • Origins: Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Europe.
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